Reminiscing my first experience kayak fishing out on the open sea

kayak-fishing-11Kayak fishing has been part of my family’s tradition for as far as I can remember. My father was an avid fisherman and every spring he would come home with as much bass and other types of fish such as mackerel for the family. Everyone in the family was excited to eat fresh fish from the sea.

My brother and I got interested in fishing and we would occasionally follow our dad in his canvas home-built kayak to go fishing. Memories of my first fishing experience are still fresh in my mind. I still remember how excited I was when I caught my first fish when I was eight years old.

It was on a Saturday morning when I accompanied my father on a fishing trip out in the sea. I put on protective gear and fetched fishing lines and best bait for bass ready for bass fishing. Before boarding the kayak, my father first showed me how to use the fishing equipment and lures and a few other tricks for catching bass.

We then paddled the kayak deep into the sea looking for the best bass fishing grounds. We approached an estuary which my father told me that it was the best spot for bass fishing. As we tried to stabilize our kayak, strong waves came our way destabilizing our kayak.

Despite the obvious potential for danger, I felt safe in my life jacket but I was a little bit concerned about my father who had refused to put on his life jacket. He was however good at swimming and I knew he would swim safely incase our kayak capsized.

After a short while, the waves ceased and we were now ready to begin fishing. I cast my fishing line as I had been shown and after a few trials the line suddenly pulled tight. “I got it”, I shouted while pulling the fishing line sharply as I had been shown by my father.

I had rehearsed this moment in my thoughts several times and it was now happening in reality. My father dug the paddles deep into the waters to stabilize the kayak. “Don’t let it go!”, “don’t let it go!”. He continuously shouted fearing that my tiny arms would get tired and let go of my first Bass fish.

My arms were shaking and my heart was racing with excitement. My dad came to my aid to get the Bass out of the water. The silver scales of the fish reflected the sunlight as it thrashed its tail side to side furiously fighting the hook and line.

Since that memorable day, I have learnt to enjoy kayak fishing as a sport and a great outdoor activity. As with other sports, technology has revolutionized the techniques and equipment used in fishing but the basic principles remain the same.

Kayaks have their roots among the Inuit who used them for hunting. They have however evolved over time and now one can easily get local cheap kayaks that are strong and durable. There are several models of these kayaks that include sit on tops and sit in kayaks that can be used for various purposes such as fishing and recreation.