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25 Apr 2015

Keeping The Old Boy In Shape

As our pets age their lifestyle and dietary needs change, much as it does with humans. Keeping an older dog in shape and their weight under control as they age is extremely important, particularly with larger dogs
6 Oct 2014

Use Your Love for Animals as a Career in an Animal Shelter

If you’re an animal lover, having a career in an animal shelter can be a very rewarding job for many reasons. It can also be a very difficult job. Animal shelters have the tough job of handling
3 Sep 2014

Love Dogs? Consider a Career in Dog Grooming

One of the best traits a dog groomer can have is being totally at ease around dogs, regardless of their size or breed. When you’re comfortable being around animals, they will sense this and that will make
3 Sep 2014

Get A Job in Dog Training If You Love Animals

For anyone who loves dogs, becoming a dog trainer can be one of the most rewarding career choices you can make. For some, working with animals is much easier than working with people, making dog training an